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Inscrutability, philosophy: the inscrutability of reference is an expression by W.V.O. Quine (Quine, “Word and Object”, 1960) for the problem that - even in a particular situation - it cannot be determined in principle to which object the use of an expression refers. See also uncertainty of translation, Gavagai, indeterminacy, reference, translation, pointing, ostension.

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II 33
Inscrutability of reference: no difference: x is a dog or: x is the Rï· Zï· strand that is filled by a dog. - Only Statement about the terminology used and its translation, not about physical objects (representative function). -Inscrutability: In translation or permutation.
VI 71
Analytical hypothesis/Translation manual/Quine: term by term translation. - Problem: then meaningful sentences may arise which refer to something else. - This is the inscrutability of reference.
XII 58
Inscrutability/Reference/Quine: goes much deeper than indeterminacy of translation: even within a language, even if apparatus of individuation (plural, pronoun, identity, quantification, etc.) is assumed to be fixed. - E.g. protosyntax: (only strings of signs of one type (1st stage) - in that case, expressions are always types, not tokens.
ad XII 64
Non-factualism/(s): if something is indeterminate in principle, then there is no fact to explore. - Quine: e.g. if meaning is a property of the behavior, the inscrutability of reference cannot lie in the inscrutability of a fact - because there is nothing to investigate. - But it probably makes a difference whether one refers to rabbits or parts, - or e.g. to the formulas or Gödel numbers. - Because then there would be no difference between them. - Reference would lose its meaning. - But the difference is not tangible, neither through the behavior nor through ostension. -> Indeterminacy. - Formulas: have different properties than numbers.
XII 65
Reversed spectra/Inscrutability/Quine: corresponds to the problem rabbit/part (Gavagai). - Only that there is no frame of reference (apparatus of individuation). - Can never be found out. - Things are reversed, properties are retained. - ((s) things do not change sides, properties).
XII 66
Pointing/Ontological relativity/Inscrutability/Quine: you cannot point to absolute location or speed. -Just as you cannot point to rabbits or parts. (> Gavagai).

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