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Belief, philosophy: attitude of considering a sentence to be true. Unlike religious faith belief is linked to the assessment of probabilities. See also belief, religious belief, propositional attitudes, intensions, probability, belief degrees.
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I 279
Circumstances/Hungerland: E.g. There are circumstances under which I would say that my gardener - an uneducated man - "believes" that the "Nandina Domestica" (whose name he does not even know) should be set to a different place - and there are circumstances under which I would not say it.
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Belief/Grice: three possible cases: 1) One neither believes nor thinks that p 2) One does believe, but it is not the case that one is just thinking of it 3) One does not believe, but is just thinking p - Def "Activated Belief"/Grice: H is to see that Waterloo was 1815.

Gri I
H. Paul Grice
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, Hg. Georg Meggle Frankfurt/M. 1993

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