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Translation Holism: The translation holism is a demand for theories. If a theory is supposed to be translated into another theory, all terms used in the initial theory must be translatable into the new theory. This requires that the subject domain of the initial theory be a subset of the set of objects to which the terms of the target theory can refer. See also reduction, reductionism, holism.

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IV 47
Translation - holism / formulas / Fodor / Lepore: if statements were formulas, the translation holism (t.h.) would be trivially wrong. - Otherwise different languages could in fact ​​contain the same formulas: E.g. English and German, both ciuld contain [Empedikli: s li: pt] - IV 48 t.h. is a condition for the expression (expressive power) of languages ​​and theories. - T.h. says that if the language L can express a statement of the English that it then can express all statements.

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J. Fodor/E. Lepore
Holism Cambridge USA Oxford UK 1992

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