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V 159
Translation/Putnam: a reliable translation receives the reference (the reference).
I 73
Translation/Davidson: makes the translation of people "who believe in the truth, look for beauty and love what is good". - Putnam: that is the principle of the leap of faith.
I 267
Definition deconstruction/Putnam: Thesis: no meaning could ever be expressed in more than one language, and two languages cannot express the same meaning. - (> Saussure).

Pu I
H. Putnam
Von einem Realistischen Standpunkt Frankfurt 1993

H. Putnam
Repräsentation und Realität Frankfurt 1999

H. Putnam
Für eine Erneuerung der Philosophie Stuttgart 1997

H. Putnam
Pragmatismus Eine offene Frage Frankfurt 1995

Pu V
H. Putnam
Vernunft, Wahrheit und Geschichte Frankfurt 1990

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