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Experience/PeacockeVsPerception Theory/PeacockeVsTradition: Experience is more than just perception: sensation-like content, not merely representational: E.g. tipping dice: jumps, the network of lines looks completely different. (Sensation). - Anders: E.g. Rabbit-Duck-Head: the network of lines does not change, therefore the perception theorists might argue that there are two representational components: a) the lines, b) Rabbit Duck Head - Perception Theory: Translation variant: The missing properties must be introduced into appropriate statements. - PeacockeVs: that would only provide a priori knowledge, not empirical, because the postulated experience type could not go wrong. - Vs added terms: they do not have to be available to the naive person, so they do not change the truth > Overdetermination of the representational content. - Overdetermination: the angle can be changed by appropriate overlapping without changing the picture.
I 20
Perception/overdetermined/overdetermination/Peacocke: E.g. the angle could be changed without changing the representational content. - Such problems arise when one tries to construct a sensation-like property (e.g.size) as a representational property.

Pea I
Chr. R. Peacocke
Sense and Content Oxford 1983

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