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Branched Type Theory/Prior :: comes in when terms form a sentence of a single name - here we must distinguish whether quantified expressions of the same type occur - E.g. "__ has all the qualities of a great commander" - logical form: "For all f, if (for all x, if x is a great commander, then fx) then F__ "- PfPxCyxfx" - Easier e.g. "__ has one or the other property" - logical form: "For a f, f __" - "SFF" - order/Type: here you can say, even though the predicate of the same type, it also is of different order - Because this "f" an internal quantification of "f" s "- BTT: not only different types, but also different "orders" should be represented by different symbols.

Pri I
A. Prior
Objects of thought Oxford 1971

Pri II
Arthur N. Prior
Papers on Time and Tense 2nd Edition Oxford 2003

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