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Token-Physicalism: within the philosophy of the mind, physicalism represents the thesis that mental processes are to be traced back to physical processes. The token-physicalism assumes that individual mental processes can be related 11 to certain individual physical processes. See also physicalism, materialism, identity theory, functionalism, eliminationism, dualism.

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I 137
Token physicalism/Fodor:
1) weaker than materialism: Def materialism/Fodor: asserts both that the token physicalism is true and that every event falls under the laws of one or another science (so you can be token physicalist without being a materialist).
2) The token physicalism is weaker than the
Def type physicalism/Fodor: any property that is mentioned in the laws of any science, is a physical property.
Token physicalism does not include type ph, because the contingent identity of an event pair probably does not guarantee the identity of the properties whose instantiation constitutes the events, not even if the event identity is nomologically necessary.
I 138
If, on the other hand, every event is the instantiation of a property, then the type phys includes the token phys.: - two properties will be identical when they exist in the instantiation of the same property through the same individual at the same time.
3) token physicalism is weaker than the reductionism.

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J. Fodor/E. Lepore
Holism Cambridge USA Oxford UK 1992

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