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Theories: theories are statement systems for the explanation of observations, e.g. of behavior or physical, chemical or biological processes. When setting up theories, a subject domain, a vocabulary of the terms to be used and admissible methods of observation are defined. In addition to explanations, the goal of the theory formation is the predictability and comparability of observations. See also systems, models, experiments, observation, observation language, theoretical terms, theoretical entities, predictions, analogies, comparisons, evidence, verification, reduction, definitions, definability.

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I 205f
The purpose of the idea of theoreticity of observation should not be to question the contrast between data and theory. (Wright6)
Theoreticity of observation/theory/Wright:
  4. the type if theory ladenness that it needs to bring the distinction data/theory in trouble is a lot more (see above):
  It must be shown that the conditions for legitimate assertion (assertibility) is necessarily a function not only of the content of the report and the quality of the input experience, but also a function of collateral empirical beliefs.
I 207
WrightVsTheoreticity of observation/theory ladenness: if all observation is theory-laden, there are no statements, to which any subject is obliged to agree to. (So no "synthetic" statements in the sense of Two Dogmas, final section).
  Wright: the legitimate assertibility is rather a four-digit relation between:
Statement - subject - experience development - background assumptions.
Evidence: Whether a theory is erroneous or properly, must now (see above) be visible in principle at least. However, such confirmation may ultimately only be provided with independent credible data. (VsTheory-ladenness of observation).
  The Example can show the possibility that this remains undecidable.

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Wri I
Cr. Wright
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

G. H. von Wright
Erklären und Verstehen Hamburg 2008

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