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I 205f
The purpose of the idea of theoreticity of observation should not be to question the contrast between data and theory. (Wright6)
Theoreticity of observation/theory/Wright:
  4. the type if theory ladenness that it needs to bring the distinction data/theory in trouble is a lot more (see above):
  It must be shown that the conditions for legitimate assertion (assertibility) is necessarily a function not only of the content of the report and the quality of the input experience, but also a function of collateral empirical beliefs.
I 207
WrightVsTheoreticity of observation/theory ladenness: if all observation is theory-laden, there are no statements, to which any subject is obliged to agree to. (So no "synthetic" statements in the sense of Two Dogmas, final section).
  Wright: the legitimate assertibility is rather a four-digit relation between:
Statement - subject - experience development - background assumptions.
Evidence: Whether a theory is erroneous or properly, must now (see above) be visible in principle at least. However, such confirmation may ultimately only be provided with independent credible data. (VsTheory-ladenness of observation).
  The Example can show the possibility that this remains undecidable.

Wri I
Cr. Wright
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

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