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Richard Rorty
IV 18
Instrument realism: (coming from Dewey): Ernest Nagel, Dummett, van Fraassen: distinction "believing x" and "using the term x heuristically" is completely irrelevant! Merely verbal.
IV 37
Theory/concepts/Rorty: When developing our theories we came up with nothing better than the phraseology of neurophysiology. Therefore, we knew from the outset that neither greenness nor divine grace nor the class struggle would play a role when it came to explaining our acquisition of the expressions "green", "grace", or "class struggle".
IV 35
Rorty: (also Mary Hesse): we will never get a meaning of the term "convergence" which also includes terms and beliefs. (But Williams, Nagel and Harman would need that).
IV 36
Theory of Science/convergence/"make true": tells us that Newton one day had the splendid idea of ​​gravitation. But it remains silent about how gravity managed that Newton came up with its term. I.e. how the world guides us.

Ro I
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Ro V
R. Rorty
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