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Geach I 94
Namely rider/Ryle/GeachVsRyle: does not help if a sentence does not designate: E.g [The only one who has ever stolen a book of Snead] (namely Robinson) made a lot of money by selling it - we memorize from that: Robinson made a lot of money by selling it.
Geach I 255
Assertion/modus ponens/Ryle: "code-style": misleading that p does not have to be alleged. - E.g. "if p then q, but p, therefore q" - conditional/Ryle: antecedent and consequent are not statements - statements are neither needed nor mentioned in conditionals - Ryle: here the conditional is not a premise that coordinates with "p" , as the "code style" suggests, but rather a "final ticket", a "license for the conclusion": "p, therefore q - solution/Geach: propositions, not allegations.
Ryle I 58
E.g. semi disopsitional/semi episodicall:"careful", "unswerving", etc. - nothing extra - manner.
I 93ff
Voluntary/Ryle: use too extended - laughter cannot be intentional - not "responsible" for punctual schoolwork.
I 97
Wrong: to define voluntariness as the child of voluntary acts. - But being fully committed in the matter with the mind.
I 174 f
Success words: Healing, proving, recognizing, knowledge, observation,
can, win, solve, find - cannot be performed incorrectly.
Tendency to disease is different than habit - preference is unlike investment: (you would leave it if you would get the money like this).
I 195
Mix- categorical/Ryle: E.g. act obediently, E.g. bird moves south.
I 199ff
Power words/task words: difference: travel/arrive - treat/heal - grab/hold - search/find - see/catch sight of - listen/hear - aim/meet - performance may be accidental.
I 245ff
Thoughtless speech/Ryle: not frankness - but that which we are most interested in - no self-explanation - does not contribute to our knowledge.
I 248
One cannot answer "How do you know?".
I 297
Mix-categorical: usually partly general, partly hypothetical: E.g. pedantic appearance: many people look like him - not human + pedantry.
II 261
Definition Mix-categorical/Ryle/Flor: statements about the mental states or acts of a person must be in the form of hypothetical sentences or a mixture of hypothetical and categorical sentences - hypothetical: if-then-categorical: reports on events and states.
II 267
Defintion theme-neutral/Flor: are statements in which words such as "anything" or "anyone", "someone", or "something" are used.
Sellars I 53
Defintion mixed-categorical-hypothetical/mix-categorical/Ryle :: manifestations of associative connections of the word object- and of the word-word type.

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