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I 36
Def M-intention/Grice: "that H intends to do this-and-that" instead of "that H does such-and-such." Intentional act - I 38, the candidate means that Waterloo was in 1815, but he does not intend that the teacher believes that
I 44
Def # -psi/terminology/Grice: is a mode indicator that is correlated with the prop. att. psi from a given range of prop. att.s. H is to actively "psi" that p - Exceptions: "Do not go over the limit" H himself should have the intention
I 102
R-correlation (referential corr.) - D-correlation (denotation corr.). Difference reference/denotation - I 103 Peters dog is an R-correlate of "Fido" Every thing with long-haired coat is a D-correlate of "shaggy" - Resulting method: "For S "Fido is shaggy" means the same as "Peter’s dog has a long coat" - I 104 Problem: the "distinguished pair" between Fido/Peters dog (not cat) - what is the meaning of "distinguished"? - I 105 The situation may be brought about accidentally where sentences mean something else - this complementary relationship can only be eliminated by the condition of the intention to make a difference
I 395
Def conversationalist hypothesis/CH/Grice: meaning of the logical particles "~", "u", "v". ">" is not different from the particles used in natural language. "And," "or" "if, then", "not" - where they appear inconsistent, this appearance is due to the different assumptions with which natural language utterances are usually understood
I 395 ~
Def Semantic hypothesis (Cohen): many occurrences of logical particles in natural conversation differ from their meaning in formal contexts - although there are cases where they are consistent - I 402 thesis everyday languange meaning richer than truth-functional meaning - I 410 image "that’s a tree" insinuation: Painted Tree
I 412
conversationalist hypothesis/Cohen, assumes that the conversation implicature transmitted that the antecedent is true only if the consequent is true

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Gri I
H. Paul Grice
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, Hg. Georg Meggle Frankfurt/M. 1993

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