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Chisholm II M.David/L. Stubenberg (Hg) Philosophische Aufsätze zu Ehren von R.M. Chisholm Graz 1986

II 207
ens successivum / Chisholm: composed at different times from different things - my Yesterday s me is different from me - Vs: When I m sad, its me, and not a thing that will do this for me - Solution: body = ens successivum - Person: not
Frank I 252 ~
emphatic / Chisholm: "I myself" instead of "I" - then irreducible.

Chi I
R. Chisholm
Die erste Person Frankfurt 1992

Roderick M. Chisholm
Erkenntnistheorie Graz 2004

Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewusstseins Frankfurt 1994

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