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I 107
Non-transitivity/Part-relation/Rescher/Simons: non-transitive: E.g. nucleus is not part of the organ, but rather part of the cell. - E.g. door handle not part of the house, but rather part of the door and this part of the house. - Vs: there is a sense of "part" in which this is false: namely, the spatio-temporal containment. ("broad concept"). - Then the nucleus is also part of the organ.
I 107
Part-relation/Function/Simons: a causal or functional contribution can not be aan aspect of the part-relation. - It is always outside. - Even if transitivity was restored by a "contribution to the functioning": . - "Function" is not part of the narrower concept of "part". - Broader concept of "part": spatiotemporal containment.

Si I
P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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