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Part-of-Relation, Part-Relation, philosophy: the relations that exist between parts of an assumed whole and this whole, but not between the parts among themselves. For the part-relation there are different restrictions and rules than for the element relation of the set theory. See also parts, whole, totality, mereology, elements, element relation, sets, set theory, ontological dependency, overlap.

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I 107
Non-transitivity/Part-relation/Rescher/Simons: non-transitive: E.g. nucleus is not part of the organ, but rather part of the cell. - E.g. door handle not part of the house, but rather part of the door and this part of the house. - Vs: there is a sense of "part" in which this is false: namely, the spatio-temporal containment. ("broad concept"). - Then the nucleus is also part of the organ.
I 107
Part-relation/Function/Simons: a causal or functional contribution can not be aan aspect of the part-relation. - It is always outside. - Even if transitivity was restored by a "contribution to the functioning": . - "Function" is not part of the narrower concept of "part". - Broader concept of "part": spatiotemporal containment.

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Si I
P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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