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Subordinate clause, philosophy: Subordinate clauses lack the property of complete statement sentences to be true or false. They can be classified according to whether they correspond to general or singular terms, by contributing to a specification of the objects to which the sentence refers to and to which they belong as subsets. See also truth values, interpretation, relative clauses, conditionals, premises.

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I 123
Subordinate clause/Subset/Singular term/Frege/Schiffer: -that the earth moves- = singular term: because of the lack of substitutability in intensional contexts. - DavidsonVs/Schiffer: -the earth moves- no part of a singular term. - Neither clause nor proposition. - The only reference of -earth- is earth. - I.e. there is substitutability.
N.B.: Davidson: three-digit relation. speaker, current statement (Italian), content clause of the reporting person. - But the surface grammar is two-digit and has truth value.
I 125
"That" in "that the earth moves"- is a singular term, that refers to a statement. - problem: quantification into that-clauses. - Must be elaborated for: E.g. Galileo says of a person that she makes a great lasagne. - Wrong solution: That-clause as orthographic part of "say-that". - Then there is no term that carries the reference to the statement.

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Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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