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Wright I 278
Content/content/Wittgenstein: all content has become soft. No relevant facts.
Chisholm II 175
Fact/Wittgenstein/Simons: no object. (Like Russell)
Wittgenstein II 31
Fact/thought/world/Ogden/Richards/Russell: Thesis: relation between sentence and fact is external. - WittgensteinVs: it is internal.
II 83
Individual/Wittgenstein: only events - facts - are individuals.
II 113
Fact/negation/Wittgenstein: there are no positive or negative facts - positive and negative relate to the form of sentences and not to the facts.
II 391
Facts/Wittgenstein: always contain something temporal, - mathematical facts or sentences do not.
III 148
Fact/Tractatus/Wittgenstein/Flor: between facts there can be no relationships. - (Because there is no link between elementary propositions). - An object can appear in several facts. - But neither a fact nor an object can change.
IV 16
Negative fact/Tractatus/Wittgenstein: the non-existence is a negative fact. - 2:06.

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