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I 285
Brandom facts = true statements - Ayer: facts do not equal true statements.

A statement cannot define a fact, because it is far too unspecific, it is compatible with all sorts of facts.

I 286
Def Fact/Ayer: that what makes a statement true - Ayer pro "make true". Facts are not some linguistic entities, but objective facts - "someone is writing in this room" is not made true but by anyone, but by me
I 286
Disjunctive Fact: many authorsVs: a statement cannot determine a fact, because it is too unspecific - negative statements are less accurate E.g. "London is not the capital of France"
I 289
Def Facts/Ayer: a fact which constitutes the objective content of the true statements of this class (>statement) - apparent circle: statements and facts mutually defined - Solution: rejection of the coherence theory.
I 297
Fact/Statement/Ayer: wrong to look for any relation - however comparison not mysterious - by understanding the sentence
I Ayer Wahrheit, aus "Wahrheitstheorien" Hrsg. Skirbekk Frankfurt/M 1996
II Hügli ()Hrsg.) Philosophie im 20. Jahrhundert, Reinbek 1993

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