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Bubner I 101
Synthesis / Kant / Bubner: much deeper potentiality of the free development of the possibility of judgement before all the specification of separation: action. - This is Kant s new discovery - I 103 Unit of action: 3 moments: 1st given manifold, 2nd connecting, 3rd the unit. - No independent unity. - The unity is not opposed to the many as an isolated principle - therefore the idealism of the identity of identity and non-identity.
I. Kant
I Günter Schulte Kant Einführung (Campus) Frankfurt 1994
Externe Quellen. ZEIT-Artikel 11/02 (Ludger Heidbrink über Rawls)
Volker Gerhard "Die Frucht der Freiheit" Plädoyer für die Stammzellforschung ZEIT 27.11.03
Bu I
R. Bubner
Antike Themen und ihre moderne Verwandlung Frankfurt 1992

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