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Synonymy, philosophy: synonymy is the similarity of meaning of linguistic expressions. The conditions for actual equality of meaning are diverse and vary considerably, depending on the consideration of various aspects such as e.g. regional characteristics of the language use or different size of the subject area in question. See also intension, extension, identity, externalism, opacity, substitution, interpretation, translation, language usage.

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II 113
Synonymy/Meaning/Analyticity/Fodor: there is no reason to assume that these concepts can be combined with any invariant property in the behavior of the speakers. - But not every central concept of a science must be linked to behavior - e.g. grammar. - Solution: a behavioral trait that belongs to all and only to the grammatically correct sentences. - However, this need not exist.
IV 57f
Synonymy/Analyticity/Fodor/Lepore: required when seeking an epistemic criterion of truth: E.g. that is by virtue of meaning - Even in case of Humean similarity (e.g. ideas that are similar to the same things are the same ideas) - Also with confirmation relationships for truth (Skinner, behaviorism) - Deliver the truth also with nomological relations. - (facts over meaning).

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J. Fodor/E. Lepore
Holism Cambridge USA Oxford UK 1992

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