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Supervenience, philosophy of mind: supervenience is an expression for a restricted dependency between areas. Elements of a region B are dependent on changes of elements of an area A, but not vice versa. Supervenience is used by some authors to explain the relationship between mental and physical processes. The assumption of a supervenience serves to circumvent more powerful assumptions like, e.g. the identity theory. See also covariance, dependency, identity theory, materialism, reductionism.

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I 146
Supervenience original ethics: moral property supposedly opposite natural properties (Moore) - there must be a feature, why something is better, but not causation but constitution by this feature.
Causation or constitution: Description - supervenience - related structure: sufficient/necessary: supervenience.
Supervenience: a) mind completely dependent on physique - b) Physical equality guarantees mental equality, but not vice versa.
Mind-Body Problem/Searle: only causality important: micro (physique) causes macro (mind) (from bottom to top) - SearleVsSupervenience: thereby superfluous - strength is causally supervenient in contrast to given molecular structure, but thereby not epiphenomenal.
Graeser I 160
Supervenience/Searle/Graeser: corresponds with sufficient but not with necessary conditions - Davidson: sets: A predicate P is supervenient in relation to a set of predicates S iff P differentiates no entities, which cannot be distinguished by S as well.

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Grae I
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