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IV 70
Supervaluation/Fraassen/Lewis: idea: when we are faced with an arbitrary decision, we do not have to make a choice, but look what is common to all choices.
V 8
Supervaluation/van Fraassen/Lewis: true, no matter what arbitrary choice between worlds is taken. - E.g. Bizet/Verdi: French and not French (and I u ~ I) both without truth value. - (F v I) and (C ~ v ~ I): super-true. - (F u I) super-wrong. Problem: truth value gaps.
Sw I 204
Supervaluation/Lewis: an utterance of a vague sentence is true iff nearly all his clarifications are true. - Problem: in borderline cases, both "it is raining" and "it is not raining" both are wrong. - But it is precisely that what avoids paradoxes.

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LwCl I
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