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Substitution, philosophy: here we are concerned with replacing verbal elements or logical symbols within expressions or logical formulas by other linguistic elements or logical symbols that are able to form a meaningful statement at the same syntactic position. If the truth value (true or false) of the statement is preserved, one speaks of the substitutability of a term by another term in a certain context. See also equality, insertion, meaning, identity, co-reference.

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III, 127f
Fake names/Quine: (= descriptions) - Only real names allow the substitution, which finds itself in the indistinguishability of the identical. - fake names: lead to a more complex form: for example, "there is one greatest orator among the Roman orators, and he accused Catilina." - e.g. "Exactly one number counts the planets and it is bigger than seven."/Russell: here only 7 is a real name.
Hence, these sentences cannot be upper and lower sentence in a conclusion of the principle of the indistinguishability of the identical. - QuineVs: Problem: Scope: the descriptions must be eliminated in such a way that in the new formulation no component corresponds to them.
Strobach I 104
Indistinguishability/Strobach: indistinguishability requires logic of the 2nd level: predicate logic 2nd level/PL2/Strobach: typical formula: Leibniz's Law: "x = y > (Fx ↔ Fy)".

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Logic Texts
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Stro I
N. Strobach
Einführung in die Logik Darmstadt 2005

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