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I 454
Substitution/Substitutability/Identification/Meaning/Frege/Brandom: important: (t): "the man to which Hans referred with "such a hard head" and "the meaning of (t)" must be mutually substitutable.
I 458
Not substitutable: demonstratives and pronouns.
I 523
Substitution/Brandom: three possible roles of expressions in the context of Substitution: 1) an expression can be substituted - 2) an expression can be substituted into it - 3) substitutional frame - Substitution: fundamental - frame: derived - frames are predicates - cannot be substituted themselves like singular terms - but can be exchanged.
I 525
Frame: itself a result of substitutions (derived).
I 526
Substitution inference: connects two sentences as a premise and conclusion: "Franklin invented the bifocals"> "The Postmaster General ..."- the singular terms are material, but do not contain the predicate, because that can be replaced by "went for a walk".
I 943
Substitution of singular terms: reversible - predicates: not reversible.
I 528
Substitution/Brandom: singular term: Substitution inferences always symmetrical (equi-classes) - predicate: Substitution inference can be asymmetric - stronger/weaker: something is a dog/a mammal - (s) Singular Term/black: always predicates - from "Franklin .." to "American ...". No Substitution inference, because once singular term, once general term.
I 611
Anybody/everybody/someone/Brandom: Problems with substitution.

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