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Hintikka I 104
Substance/Tractatus/Wittgenstein/Hintikka: not because Wittgenstein's objects would be indestructible, they are substance-like - but because they are the meanings of our simplest expressions. - That expressions whose meanings cannot be described but only exhibited. - It is logically incorrect to point to an object "this does not exists". - Not Because it would be indestructible. - Also not unchangeable - different: if they were composed. - Therefore, the objects that make up the substance, are simple objects.
Tetens VII 48
Definition substance/Tractatus/Tetens: the substance of the world is the set of all logically possible worlds: ((s) So it is identical with the logical space). - Tetens: what remains the same in these worlds: the set of objects. The facts change. - ((s) = configurations) - actual world: The possible world whose facts are facts. - N.B.: therefore the world is the totality of facts. - Fact: possible fact.

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