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Description Levels: Levels result from dividing a domain into sub-domains, for which different rules for making statements are valid. Thus, e.g. other statements are made about sets than about their elements. See also metalanguage, object language, theories, metatheory, metalogic, metasemantics, meta-ethics, meta-level, paradoxes, order, 2nd order logic, higher order logic, HOL, completeness.
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Order/levels/GeachVsStrawson: statements about variables are not always of "higher order" - "p" entails "q" could be only an assertion that the variable "p" entails the variable "q", which is certainly nonsense - we must provide the name of statements by quotes - negation "~" forms a sentence out of a sentence or a name of a sentence out of a name of a sentence if the name is preceded by: E.g. "~ Q".

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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