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GLU 184
Structures/Luhmann/GLU: unlike autopoiesis (sic): structures are permanent. - They serve the selection of relations. - Also, the selection of selections. - Structures do not consist of elements. - (Element: of systems: without duration).
AU Cass 5
Structure/System Theory/LuhmannVsTradition: The structures only work at the moment and for the duration, when the system operates. - Tradition: assumed, structures are the enduring, processes pass. - Structures are expectations in relation to connectivity of operations. - If the structure concept defines expectations, the subject/object distinction is insignificant.
AU Cas 5
Structure/Luhmann: a system can choose from many structures. - E.g. Language: is not limited to one sentence. - The operations of the system require structures. - Subsequently both are dependent on each other.
AU Cass 14
Structure/tradition/Luhmann: earlier, structures were considered as something permanent. - Structuralism/Levi-Strauss: new: there will be a cognitive, analytical element added: structures are also knowledge conditions. - Subject of knowledge can also be science. - Not everything can be connected to everything. - Structures are often defined through expectations, but it would be better if that works differently - but how? - Expectations are too subjective.
AU Cas 14
Structure/Luhmann: should not be assumed as unchangeable. - It is not just about the distinction before/after, but about the determination about processes. - How to distinguish structure and process? - Structure: is only real in the moment of use. - Reality: only the operations themselves - So the system theory of the distinction between structure/process is taken out. - Advantage: then systems are not composed of two elements (structure and event). - Structure: clarifies how an operation connects to the other.
AU Cass 14
Structure/Luhmann: arises from the mixed requirements of specification and generalization.

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