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Gadamer I 89
Art/Phenomenology/Gadamer: Basically, it is only thanks to the phenomenological criticism of 19th century psychology and epistemology that we owe the liberation from the concepts that prevented an adequate understanding of aesthetic being. [Phenomenological criticism] has shown that all attempts go astray to think of the aesthetic mode of being from a perspective of the experience of reality and to understand it as a modification thereof(1). All these concepts, such as imitation, appearance, de-realization (German: "Entwirklichung"), illusion, magic, dream, presuppose the reference to an actual being, from which the aesthetic being is distinguished. Now, however, the phenomenological decline in aesthetic experience teaches us that it does not come from such a reference at all, but rather sees the actual truth in what it experiences. This corresponds to the fact that the aesthetic experience cannot, in essence, be disappointed by an actual experience of reality. Cf. >Aesthetics/Schiller, >Aesthetics/Gadamer, >Truth of Art/Gadamer.

1. Vgl. E. Fink, Vergegenwärtigung und Bild, Jb. f. Philos. u. phän. Forsch. Bd. XI, 1930.

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Gadamer I
Hans-Georg Gadamer
Wahrheit und Methode. Grundzüge einer philosophischen Hermeneutik 7. durchgesehene Auflage Tübingen 1960/2010

Gadamer II
H. G. Gadamer
The Relevance of the Beautiful, London 1986
German Edition:
Die Aktualität des Schönen: Kunst als Spiel, Symbol und Fest Stuttgart 1977

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