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Friedrich Schiller on Truth of Art - Dictionary of Arguments

Gadamer I 87
Truth of Art/Schiller/Gadamer: In his aesthetic writings, Schiller transformed the radical subjectivation through which Kant transcendently justified the judgement of taste and its claim to universal validity from a methodological to a content-related precondition.(1) Although he was able to draw on Kant himself in this process, insofar as Kant had already recognized the importance of a transition from the enjoyment of the senses to a sense of morality,(2) by proclaiming art as an exercise in freedom, Schiller was referring more to Fichte than to Kant.
He understood the
Gadamer I 88
free play of cognitive faculties, on which Kant had based the a priori of taste and genius, anthropologically from the basis of Fichte's drive theory, in that the play instinct is supposed to bring about harmony between the form and material instincts. >Taste, >Genius.
The cultivation of this instinct is the goal of aesthetic education. This has far-reaching consequences. For now art as the art of beautiful appearance is opposed to practical reality and understood from this opposition. In place of the relationship of positive complementation, which has determined the relationship between art and nature since time immemorial, the opposition of appearance and reality is now being replaced. >Appearance.

1. Thus one can summarize what was said in the letters "On aesthetic education
of man", for example in the 15th letter, it is justified: "there should be a community between
form instinct and material instinct, i.e. being a play drive".
2. Kant, Kritik der Urteilskraft S. 164.

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Schiller, Friedrich
Gadamer I
Hans-Georg Gadamer
Wahrheit und Methode. Grundzüge einer philosophischen Hermeneutik 7. durchgesehene Auflage Tübingen 1960/2010

Gadamer II
H. G. Gadamer
The Relevance of the Beautiful, London 1986
German Edition:
Die Aktualität des Schönen: Kunst als Spiel, Symbol und Fest Stuttgart 1977

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