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II 240ff
Speech Act Theory: expressive function, accuracy, adequacy VsRedundancy Theory (p = "it is true that p").

Speech Act / Austin: Def lokutionary act: enunciation - E.g. you give an example of the meaningful sentence "the bull is going" - perlocutionary: effect by using the statement - E.g. warning with this sentence - illocutionary: you frighten the listener - II 245 in addition: fulfilling conditions as a "plus" to the statement: the warranty given by the speaker -> Brandom, account Management - II 247 speech act theory -VsLogical Positivism: more than just the two functions 1st description of reality, 2nd expression of emotions - speech acts belong to neither of these two categories - II 248 AustinVsWittgenstein: per continuous similarity - sp. th: shows its strength here.
John L. Austin
I Austin Wahrheit in: Wahrheitstheorien Hrsg. Skirbekk, Frankfurt/M 1996
II Jörgen Husted "Austin" aus :Hügli (Hrsg) Philosophie im 20. Jahrhhundert, Reinbek 1993
III Austin: "Ein Plädoyer für Entschuldigungen" aus: Linguistik und Philosophie (Grewendorf/Meggle(Hg)) Frankfurt (Athenäum) 1974/1995

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