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Noam Chomsky
I 281
Learning/Chomsky: a child learns as well Japanese as English - pointless to ask "which hypotheses it reduces" - there must be more than the ability to associate - structural grammar does not yield the structures that we have to postulate as generative grammar.
I 283
Internal organization plays an important role for the perception, it determines an extremely restrictive initial scheme.
I VsGoodman 285
Learning a second language is not that different.
I 299
Learning/Chomsky: whether the evaluation function is learned or it is the basis for learning, is an empirical question.
I 324
Language learning: behaviorist/Quine: Conditioning, association - ChomskyVsQuine: additionally principles , only by them infinitely many sentenes are explainable.

Cho I
N. Chomsky
Aspekte der Syntaxtheorie Frankfurt 1978

Cho II
N. Chomsky
Language and Mind Cambridge 2006

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