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Avr I 140
BerkeleyVsLocke: no "generalizing forces" - linguistic generalization is no generalization of mind. - Singular names do not have to give rise to the understanding of ideas. - It is not the main purpose of language to evoke ideas - instead: even eliciting of passion discouraging and encouraging of actions, etc.
Breidert I 228ff
Language / Berkeley: philosophical errors are often explained linguistically. - Incorrect projection:the idea of a thing - ambiguity: something or a thing - applicable to ideas or acts of will. - Ideas: ideas of things perceived - notion: concept of a mind and its activities.
G. Berkeley
I Breidert Berkeley: Wahrnnehmung und Wirklichkeit, aus Speck(Hg) Grundprobleme der gr. Philosophen, Göttingen (UTB) 1997
Ber I
W. Breidert
Grundprobleme der großen Philosophen, J. Speck (Hg), Göttingen 1997

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