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Sortal, philosophy: Sortal is an expression for a concept that summarizes several countable objects on the basis of common characteristics. ( "varieties/sorts"). The use of the term "sortal" is intended to avoid, among other things, the use of terms such as categories or universals that would require a variety of additional assumptions. See also order, generality, generalization, general terms, identity, identity conditions, criteria, change, classes, categories, universals, conceptual realism, mass terms.

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I 453
Sortal/Aristotle/Tugendhat: E.g. "chair" distinguished through function -> "bottom-up": we ask how singular term must function - sortal: allows to decide what belongs to it and what does not - no temporal, only spatial limits - (>continuant) - life phases of an object are not regarded as parts.
I 457f
Sortal/Tugendhat: allows new type of temporal-spatial identification - we should not presuppose perceptual object - then identification by distinguishing space-time locations - (Specification).
I 460
Sortal:. Not just imagination - Sortal predicates: presuppose a specific configuration of spatial or temporal extended - e.g. "the same cat" - conversely: sortal predicate only explainable through space locations together with equal signs.

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Tu I
E. Tugendhat
Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Sprachanalytische Philosophie Frankfurt 1976

E. Tugendhat
Philosophische Aufsätze Frankfurt 1992

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