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II 110
Senseful / Negation / Sense/Significance/Verificationism/Hempel: problem: if a singular statement makes sense, its negation is a universal statement ("nothing has property P") - and generalizations are senseless because they can not be verified according to the verificationism.
II 111
empiricist criterion of meaning / Hempel: provisionally: falsifiability principle - Vs: 1. that excludes pure existence assertions - 2. conjunctions with not completely falsifiable parts are completely falsifiable - 3. an observation predicate "all things have the property p" is then significant because falsifiable but not the negation.
II 114
empiricist criterion of meaning / Carnap / Hempel: Solution: translatability in empiricist (artificial, ideal) language - II 121 translations are indirectly a partial interpretation of the hypothesis and the structures through which they are formulated - II 125 emop. crt. of meaning: is a linguistic design, neither true nor false. - 1. The explication should provide a nearly complete analysis of the generally accepted sense of the explicandum - 2. it is to carry out a rational reconstruction of explicandum.

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C.G. Hempel
I Hempel Zur Wahrheitstheorie des logischen Positivismus aus Wahrheitsheorien Hrsg. Skirbekk Frankfurt/M 1996

II Hempel Probleme und Modifikationen des empiristischen Sinnkriteriums aus Sinnreich (Hg) Philosophie der idealen Sprache, München 1982

II (b) Hempel Der Begriff der kognitiven Signifikanz: eine erneute Betrachtung (1951) aus Sinnreich (Hg) Philosophie der idealen Sprache, München 1982

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