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I 20
Impression / Hume: forms the mind in different ways to build the subject - Interior impression: self-perception - HumeVsRepresentation: the association conditions cannot represent - rationalism / Deleuze: had abandoned this insight. - (But Hume is not entirely VsRepresentation)
I 106
Impression / sensation / Hume: represents nothing, because nothing precedes it.
I 141
Sensation / impression / Hume: Problem: cannot explain why this impression and not another was selected - ((s) because nature (or perceptual world) is not just opposed to the subject and imposes itself, but is partly constituted by the subject. - I 142 Solution: Progress: searches the inventory and selects in a constitutive manner. - I 147 two ways: 1. directs the mind to pleasure / displeasure - 2. directs the mind to the idea of the object, which it constituted itself.
D. Hume
I Gilles Delueze David Hume, Frankfurt 1997 (Frankreich 1953,1988)
II Norbert Hoerster Hume: Existenz und Eigenschaften Gottes aus Speck(Hg) Grundprobleme der großen Philosophen der Neuzeit I Göttingen, 1997

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