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I 140
Definition sense/Wessel: a statement is known, if the meaning of sub-expressions and the properties of the operators are known - (s) no Fregean distinction sense/meaning? - Wessel/(s): statement: sense, expressions reference?
I 141
Sense/logic/Wessel: the statement that A and B are linked according to sense is empty and still does not mean anything, one can also do without the word "sense".
I 338
Sense/meaning/Termini/Wessel: difference S/B: only with composite Termini - simple terms: pointless: "What is meaning, what is truth?" - Because simple termini predicates are no subjects - "sense of Termini": meaningless question, because not to discover term, only ability of viewers - meaning of term only operationalist: sense known if meaning is known(does not apply to composite term: here: compositionality, but meaning of the parts needs not to be known then we do not know the meaning of the composite term - round square: no method for determining the meaning.

We I
H. Wessel
Logik Berlin 1999

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