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Dum III 56 ~
Sense/Frege: two arguments. 1) sentence is the smallest unit - 2) truth plays the crucial role in explaining the meaning. - Sense: is part of the meaning, relevant for truth or falsity - The meaning of a sentence, as such, does not determine the truth. - So the sense only determines the truth conditions. - Truth also depends on nature of the world. - When sense determines the semantic value, the contribution of the world is already presumed.
Dum III 64
Sense/Reference/Frege: The argument (a sentence is the smallest unit of sense) has two premises: a) all predicative knowledge is based on propositional knowledge. - b) For certain predicative knowledge there is more than just one proposition. - Therefore, no mere knowledge of the reference is possible.
Dum III 74
Sense/Dummett: not only by verification method, but by understanding the circumstances which must be realized. -(E.g. Goldbach’s conjecture)
Sense/Reference/Bivalence/Dummett: bivalence: Problem: not every sentence has such a sense that we can, in principle, recognize it as true if it is true (unicorn, Goldbach’s conjecture) - but Frege’s argument does not depend on bivalence.
III 76
Bivalence does apply, however, for elementary propositions: if the semantic value here is the extension, it does not have to be decided whether the predicate is true or not. - It may not be possible to effectively decide the application, but the (undefined) predicate can be understood without being able to allocate the semantic value (here truth value). - Therefore, distinction between sense and semantic value.
Dum III 133
Sense/Frege/Dummett: is constituted by the manner of givenness - but is not identical with it.
Frege V 100f
Meaning/Sense/Frege/Husted: if both were equal, a sentence could not say anything that everyone who knows the name did not know already - meaning of a name: the object - the fact that a name stands for an object is a result, not part of the fact that it has a purpose.
V 103
Frege: sense of the sentence = Truth condition >Dummett >Wittgenstein - Understanding, knowing what must be the case.

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