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II 110
Cognitive Significance / Hempel: false: that two statements hae the same c.s., if they are verified by the same set of observation sentences - then two laws would always have the same c.s.: because they are of verified by no set - this is something quite different from the positivist criterion of meaning / Russell: two statements, whose verified consequences are the same, have the same significance - all authors VsHempel.
II 143
Cognitive Significance / Hempel: no individual statements, but systems - ultimately a matter of judgment - clarity, accuracy, forecast capacity, simplicity, degree of confirmation.
C.G. Hempel
I Hempel Zur Wahrheitstheorie des logischen Positivismus aus Wahrheitsheorien Hrsg. Skirbekk Frankfurt/M 1996

II Hempel Probleme und Modifikationen des empiristischen Sinnkriteriums aus Sinnreich (Hg) Philosophie der idealen Sprache, München 1982

II (b) Hempel Der Begriff der kognitiven Signifikanz: eine erneute Betrachtung (1951) aus Sinnreich (Hg) Philosophie der idealen Sprache, München 1982

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