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Semantic value: the semantic value of an expression is the result of a division of this expression into word types and subsequent attribution of possible objects which can stand in relation to this word. E.g. semantic values of nouns can be objects, semantic values of predicates can be (but do not need to be) properties. See also truth values, truth conditions, compositionality.

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I 91f
Semantic Value/Schiffer: E.g. "Snow" refers to the stuff snow - "is white" is true of every white thing. - "not" expresses the negation - ((s): negation is the semantic value of "not") - ((s) semantic value can be the extension (of predicates)) - the truth function (of logical constants) - or the reference (of a singular term). - Schiffer: they play their role in determining the truth conditions - then the semantic sense (not value) is determined by the conceptual role: conceptual role/Schiffer: is an abstraction from the functional role: to know the functional role of a neural sentence means knowing the functional role of belief of s (or to wish that s, etc.) - subsentential: to know the contribution of this role to the conceptual role of the whole sentence. - E.g. if you believe that s, then you do not believe [not-s] etc. - Problem: the semantic sense is not always determined by the conceptual role. - conceptual role: is in the head. - twin earth: the twin has the same conceptual role. - On the other hand: semantic sense of predicates is surely causal - even with general term.

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Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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