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Semantic value: can be a noun, a verb, a predicate, an adverb etc.
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Schw I 199
Semantic value/Lewis/Schwarz: more neutral than truth value: 1) there is a function for each grammatical category (N, S, V, adverb, etc.) - E.g. for N: from possible situations to things - semantic value instead of reference, meaning, intension, extension. - E.g. meaning of Frieda not carrier, but function of situations on individuals. - Task of semantic value: Help with designing the right truth conditions (appropriate to the conventions) - E.g. Venus is Venus and the morning star is Venus have the same semantic value.
Schw I 200
Two expressions have the same meaning if they are assembled in the same way of parts with the same semantic value.
Schw I 206
Index coordinates/Lewis: Example for operators like strictly speaking, somewhere: full semantic value: function of situations, times, worlds, places and precision standards on truth value. - Equivalent: Assigning of functions of times, worlds, places and precision standards on truth value for situations: the latter is often called a proposition or actual semantic value: (Montague, Cresswell, Kaplan, Stalnaker): here the semantic value varies from situation to situation, from context to context - Schwarz: division of the possibility area. - ((s) Always t/f).

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