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Semantic value: the semantic value of an expression is the result of a division of this expression into word types and subsequent attribution of possible objects which can stand in relation to this word. E.g. semantic values of nouns can be objects, semantic values of predicates can be (but do not need to be) properties. See also truth values, truth conditions, compositionality.

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III 53
Def Semantic Value/Frege/Dummett: (for the elementary sentence) that of the characteristics whose possession is necessary and sufficient in order to determine each complex sentence according to its composition of elementary sentences as true or not true. - The semantic value of an elementary sentence is nothing but its truth value - semantic interpretation: direct allocation of the semantic values ​​of the different expressions to the scheme letters (not to the expressions themselves!). - Semantic value: = reference! - Semantic value of a predicate: extension- not the same as sense.
III 54
Semantic value of a singular term: the particular.
III 225
Schulte: should avoid "nature" of the reference object.

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Du I
M. Dummett
Ursprünge der analytischen Philosophie Frankfurt 1992

M. Dummett
Wahrheit Stuttgart 1982

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