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IV 41
Semantic holism/Fodor/Lepore: Combination of Quine-Duhem thesis (no sentence individually verifiable) with Verificationism. - QDT: every sentence of a theory determines the level of verifiability of every other sentence of the theory. - Verificationism: Meaning = verification method. - Holism: every sentence of the theory determines the meaning of every other seentence of the theory. - Fodor/LeporeVsHolism: then only identical theories could have any common inferences - that cannot be true.
IV ~ 49
Fodor/Lepore VsSH: natural semantic objects are linguistic: for example, Formulas of nat. Object of confirmation. Trans-linguistically: propositions. - Verificationism and CH are both true, but of different things! - Therefore, SH does not follow.
IV 54
Meaning holism/Fodor/Lepore: additional argument pro: according to Russell s incomplete symbol: this is defined in use - use then represents the larger unit - Fodor/LeporeVs: 1) Definition in use does not guarantee meaning - 2) unclear whether they have the semantic properties from the relations of words to the sentences in which they occur 3) unclear whether the syntactic and semantic units match.
IV 125
Meaning holism/MH/Fodor/Lepore: we can avoid the inference from belief holism to MH if we assume that the objects which have inherent semantic properties are initially neither prop. att.s nor speech acts, but representations.

J. Fodor/E. Lepore
Holism Cambridge USA Oxford UK 1992

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