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I 253
Self/semantic diagnosis/Nagel/Stalnaker: NagelVsSemantic diagnosis: unsatisfactory: Vsontological solution: wants to enrich the objective, centerless world in the wrong way. - Nagel: center position Thesis: there is an objective self - StalnakerVsNagel The semantic diagnosis has more potential than Nagel thinks - Simple solution: context-dependent or subjective information.
I 255
Belief/conviction/Stalnaker: are sets of uncentered possible worlds. - = Self-attribution of property - see Nagel.
I 264
objective self/modest semantic view/Stalnaker: dispenses with subjective content that would be more than self-localization - no realm of subjective facts.
I 269
Then one would have to know what it is like for Napoleon to be Napoleon if all the facts are considered -> see minimal subject.
I 270
Objective Self/StalnakerVsObjectivation: (of subjective content) - 1) Takes on an extravagant metaphysics - 2) requires an explanation of the special relationship that we still would have to it.

Sta I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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