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Slingshot Argument, philosophy: slingshot argument is an expression for a problematic conclusion from the assumption originally made by G. Frege that the meaning of sentences is their truth value. That is, true sentences mean, according to Frege, the truth. If you replace individual expressions of a statement with expressions that have the same extension (reference object), the truth value does not change. However, in the case of piecewise substitution, the meaning can change and finally also the truth value. See also extension, truths values, reference, co-extension, great fact, fulfillment, consequences.

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I 120f
Slingshot Argument / Meixner: all true propositions supposedly express the same state of affairs - solution: the replacement of one name for another, that refers to the same, does not transfer the truth of the proposition.

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Mei I
U. Meixner
Einführung in die Ontologie Darmstadt 2004

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