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Richard Rorty
~ I 133ff
Scheme/content/3rd Dogma/world/Rorty: we cannot specify which "joints" of nature belong to the content and which to the scheme.
I 285
Truth/world/Russell/Rorty: thesis: every true statement contains both our own contribution and a contribution from the world - 1) DavidsonVsRussell: Vsthird Dogma: separation of scheme and content. There is no content that is waiting to be organized - 2) PutnamVsRussell -
I 338
However, we have found no intelligible basis from which could be said that schemes are different.
But with that we do not reveal the idea of an objective truth, quite the opposite! Without the dogma (scheme/content) this kind of relativity goes overboard. We do not reveal the world, but restore the direct contact with the familiar objects.

Ro I
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