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NagelVs alternative conceptual schemes: There are such schemes where we cannot even get out if we look at ourselves from the outside as thinking beings. Therefore, the idea of ​​a different kind of consciousness or conceptual scheme contributes nothing to distance ourselves from such thoughts. (VsScheme)
I 50 ~
DavidsonVs alternative conceptual schemes (similar to Nagel): I must capture the alien consciousness using the categories of my own. But that’s not the whole point: rather, it is the real content of certain ideas about the world, and certain forms of thought that determines the conditions of the interpretation: nothing that does not fufil these conditions could be considered thinking. I 51~
I 52
Nagel: there is no place where the perspectivist could settle.

Th. Nagel
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Th. Nagel
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Th. Nagel
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