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VsFrege: a semantics that applies only truth values for sentence meanings cannot exporess this verb meaning (> stance > propositional attitude).
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Sentence meaning / Stechow: in connection with (existence-) presupposition: now partial function of situations to truth values - no longer sets of possible worlds - ((s) no longer defined if the domain of objects does not exist) - presupposition: limiting the scope (domain restriction). - Def plug: "says", "believes": blocks the forwarding of presuppositions to the top - no limitation - filter: "if", "and": block presuppositions - hole: specific words let presuppositions in the embedding sentence by.
A. von Stechow
I Arnim von Stechow Schritte zur Satzsemantik
www.sfs.uniï·" (26.06.2006)

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