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I 74f
Facts/Meixner: the function expressed by "the opposite of a fact" is also a fact, but not a property. - So not every function is a property. - But every property is a function.
I 125
Fact/Meixner: sum of all facts: fixed under all circumstances ((s) "everything", "everyone": fact in every PoWo, fact that all...) - Meixner: but the name of the sum does not fixedly denominate the same thing under all circumstances!
I 129
Necessarily Real/Meixner: there are necessarily real things, but not with the individuals, but among the facts - actuality is therefore relative to the circumstances.
I 153
Names: of facts and propositions: that-expressions - name of universal: means the property - name of the concept: means the concept (cannot be possessed like a property).

Mei I
U. Meixner
Einf├╝hrung in die Ontologie Darmstadt 2004

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