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Rylean Ancestors: is an expression by W. Sellars (Sellars, Empricism and the Philosophy of Mind, 1956, pp. 91-93) for an assumed linguistic community within a thought experiment. The language of these people is limited to expressions for publicly identifiable objects and their perceptible properties. The question is which expressions of this language should be added so that the language users are able to recognize themselves and others as thinking, observing and feeling (cf http// (11.05. 2017)). See also private language, reference, thought objects, intensional objects, intensions, propositions, individuation, introduction.

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I 81ff
Definition Rylean ancestors/Sellars: E.g. Primitive language, vocabulary for public properties of public objects, conjunction, disjunction, negation and quantification and especially the subjunctive conditional. Moreover, vagueness and openness. - Intersubjectivity/SellarsVs: thesis that an intersubjective language must be a Rylean language. - Carnap: the resources for an intersubjective language can be known from the formal logic. - SellarsVsCarnap - Sellars pro Ryle: thoughts are a short form for hypothetical and mixed categorical-hypothetical statements about behavior.
I 93
Definition Rylean Language/Sellars: behaviorist language that is limited to the non-theoretical vocabulary of a behaviorist psychology - (s) so nothing unobservable).
I 105f
Rylean Language/Rylean ancestors/Sellars: actual declaration, new language - more than just code: conceptual framework of public objects in space and time. - Language of impressions: embodies the discovery that there are such things, but it is not specifically tailored to them. (Individual things have no antecedent objects of thought).

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Sell I
W. Sellars
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

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