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Rylean Ancestors: is an expression by W. Sellars (Sellars, Empricism and the Philosophy of Mind, 1956, pp. 91-93) for an assumed linguistic community within a thought experiment. The language of these people is limited to expressions for publicly identifiable objects and their perceptible properties. The question is which expressions of this language should be added so that the language users are able to recognize themselves and others as thinking, observing and feeling (cf http// (11.05. 2017)). See also private language, reference, thought objects, intensional objects, intensions, propositions, individuation, introduction.

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Richard Rorty
Frank I 602f
Rylean ancestors/Sensations/Jones/Sellars/Rorty: according to the myth of "Jones" even sensations originally were theoretical entities - "inner" states that were postulated to explain the occurrence of certain thoughts. E.g. the thought thathere is a triangle in front of me when there is none. (appearance, explained by sensation.) - Also sensations had "inner properties" that they did not share with a physical object - "of" is not a relational expression in sensations. "of-red": the dash expresses the simplicity or unanalysability - Jones: the man who invented the consciousness in Sellar’s myth - reports about internal states only after long learning - what is then "inner" - Rorty: postulating something like this does not explain the "non-physical" (just as little as Ryle’s dispositions) - they do not put the physical in opposition to something else - instead of "thought about p" one might as well say: "brain process on p".

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Ro I
R. Rorty
Der Spiegel der Natur Frankfurt 1997

R. Rorty
Philosophie & die Zukunft Frankfurt 2000

R. Rorty
Kontingenz, Ironie und Solidarität Frankfurt 1992

R. Rorty
Eine Kultur ohne Zentrum Stuttgart 1993

Ro V
R. Rorty
Solidarität oder Objektivität? Stuttgart 1998

R. Rorty
Wahrheit und Fortschritt Frankfurt 2000

Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewusstseins Frankfurt 1994

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