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V 57
Representation/Unit/Wolf Singer/Pauen: representation of unity needs not to be a uniform representation - because the connection between different aspects is represented by synchronous firing.
V 217 ff
Representation/Pauen: Problem: naturalization of intentionality - I do not violate any laws of physics, if I confuse a cat with a dog - problem: the failure of the explanation would cast doubt on the existence of mental states. - Asymmetry: representation stands for an object, but not vice versa, the object for a representation - R are parts of the language of the mind - computer analogy: Symbols - propositional position: relations to symbols.
V 226
Causality problem: presentation in the absence of the object.
V 232
Representation/causal theory/VsDretske/Pauen: E.g. sunburn no representation of the sun.
V 233
E.g. indigestion no representation of spoiled food.
V 235
But a failure of strong naturalization does not result in an argument VsIdentity theory.

Pau I
M. Pauen
Grundprobleme der Philosophie des Geistes Frankfurt 2001

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