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I 9ff
Relativism/subjectivism/Nagel: the relativism is first, self-contradictory, because it is claimed, nothing is the case, second, meaningless, because everything arbitrary is the case, what we say or believe.
I 31 ff
E.g. Rorty (subjectivist): We cannot identify a hook which draws us out of mere coherence to something like the correspondence with the "per se subsistent reality".
NagelVsRorty is convincing at first glance, but: if you take these authors seriously, they are just contrary to that consensus on which, according to them the objectivity "is based": people who develop scientific or mathematical beliefs , are in agreement that these things are absolutely true, regardless of if we agree on them. > (realism).
I 136
Relativism/NagelVsRelativism/Nagel: the attempt to reinterpret the orderly world image as a projection of our mind, fails due to the need, to find a place for ourselves in the so-ordered world.
I 134
If we consider the phenomena always as merely "for us", we need to show that they have no systematic relationship with observed regularities.

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